Saturday, February 5, 2011

Got my new Laptop!

Sorry for the long dry spell, my pc broke, and I just got a new laptop. I only get Toshiba laptops btw.
Anyways the war in Egypt is going well, soon the people will overthrow the government and order will be restored. People have died already, which means that soon the revolution will take a turn into violence and anarchy. PEOPLE! PEOPLE!


  1. Glad to hear you got a Toshiba and not a Dell. Dell's are crap.

  2. I hate getting new computers!! Haha they all seem to brake no matter what you get. I just recently bought a mac, and do I ever miss my old laptop! But the mac has been nice as well.

  3. it's about time, egypt had it coming

  4. I don't buy anything American made, not cars, electronics or anything else. Asians make the best everything. btw, i hate macs.

  5. tohiba's all the way!!!
    my 3 laptops are toshibas..but planing to buy a lenovo next


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